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Cryptogem is an upcoming Play-to-earn game, built on Binance Smart Chain to take advantage of low fees, fast transaction speed, and a large user base. The game is centered around Farming, Staking, and Trading Gems. Players of CryptoGem will be able to own Gem mines and a special set of pickaxes as NFTs. This makes the core gameplay built around farming gemstones from Gem mines using different types of pickaxes. Explore the variety of Gem mines available and start your journey mining, collecting, and trading gems.


Explore the variety and the unicity of pickaxes and gem mines and their wide collection and attributes. Players will be able to own them and use pickaxes to mine gemstones from the Gem mines. Collect gemstones to make a profit, with each gemstone having its own value.


There are many ways in which Players can earn from CryptoGem due to the wide mechanics Cryptogem provides. Miners can use the refinement mechanic to exchange gemstones for their CGEM value. Traders can also earn through flipping in the marketplace.


We aim to give players a free market that will offer them unmeasurable ways to make a profit. Players will be able to trade Gem mines as well as Pickaxes in the marketplace. Prices will be determined by the unique attributes that each NFT possesses.

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Pickaxes are the tools players need to have in order to mine for gemstones.They differ in correlation with two factors, mining power, and durability.Each factor plays a major role in impacting the gameplay.

Gem mines are the most valuable NFTs because of their high return on investment value.They are essentially lands that contain a large number of gemstones.The gem mines are classified according to the rarity of the gemstone that make-up the majority.